Sci Fi Movies

Science Fiction is my favourite movie genré. Having a creative mind fuels my desire for new concepts.
I can’t wait for the latest Avatar Triquel and loved the eco-utopia created after 80 years on a spaceship
featured on Passengers.


My husband, son and I are currently working my way through all the local waterways in Auckland and look forward to taking our nearly 4m open kayak on holiday. We love seeing the coastlines from the water and being able to check out what’s around the next corner!

Eco Conscious

I am passionate about sustainable living. I’d love our world to move towards a plastic-free,
clean fuel, closed loop recycling future.

Cafés with Friends

I love trying out new eateries especially near a beach or with a nice view!
Follow it up with a walk in the sun and you’re winning!

Scenic Walks

I’m a big fan of exploring new areas or reaching the top of a mountain. There aren’t many areas within a 30min drive I have’nt navigated. Some less known ones include Point England Beach or the Blue Pool at Piha accessed at low tide.