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Creative World - Terms and Conditions 2018

CW refers to Creative World

Term fees are fixed amounts‍‍‍. As our costs are fixed, fees remain payable in cases of absence. There are no reductions for sickness, injury or holidays.    

  • A term commenced must be paid in full. Fees are non-refundable.    
  • Fees are payable in advance. Fees must be paid within 1 week of the term.    
  • CW reserves the right to change fees or timetable without prior notice. However, we will endeavour to inform students and carers of any changes as soon as possible.    
  • Intellectual property, exercises, combinations and routines taught in class remain the property of CW. They cannot be taught or performed outside the studio without permission.    
  • We take photos of all work where possible. By enrolling in a class you agree to our terms and conditions including us taking photos of work (and students if they wish) on Facebook ensuring only first names are used. If you don’t wish for yourself or your child to have their photo or work on Facebook that is your right, so please inform me.    
  • Lost property – CW does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. Any items that are not claimed by the end of the term will be disposed of.    
  • We do not accept liability for personal injury or illness to any student attending class.    
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct details for students and keep us updated of any changes to contact details or health issues.    
  • We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense due to circumstances beyond our control ie transport, fire, weather or other such situations.    
  • In the event that we consider you to be in breech of these terms & conditions or that a student is disruptive to other students or staff, teachers or venue staff, we reserve the right to exclude the student from any activity with CW without a refund.    
  • CW reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Code of Conduct  

  • Please inform us via email monique@creativeworld.co.nz at least 2hrs before the class if a student will be absent. We prepare equipment and cater for students interests, so we need advance notice to take absences into account. Parents or adult students have a responsibility to notify the owner of any illness, injury, or absences to classes.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner whilst attending classes and be respectful to both teachers and fellow pupils at all times. This will ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone.
  • Please do not attend if student has a cold or virus of any kind. It is very unfair to other students and tutors to spread illnesses. We appreciate your thoughtfulness with this.
  • Students should arrive promptly, and attend classes regularly.
  • Observers may watch lessons during the term, but must remain silent and not interfere with the lesson. Please remove any siblings if they are disturbing the class, and please stay out of the class area for the rest of the lesson.
  • For safety reasons and consideration of others, shoes must be kept on, but please remove dirty-soled footwear.
  • No food or drink may not be brought into a class, with the exception of a closed water bottle.
  • All cell phones including parents must be on silent mode, if making a call please take it outside. Students phones are to remain in their bags and not touched during a lesson.

We appreciate your understanding and acceptance. We aim to provide the best quality classes possible and adhering to these conditions will help us provide this for everyone.

Monique & Creative World Team

Copyright © 2018. Creative World NZ - All rights reserved

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